Juvenocracy’s “Eat The Seed” & Spank’s Self-Titled Debut Album Are Here!

A few updates:

  1. The Speakeasy Heroes are performing on Saturday for the first time in 18 years!  Listen to their album from the Summer of Love – 2000.
  2. In honor of the album released in the same year (and at virtually the same time), I’ve dug through my old catalog and published all of Spank’s self-titled debut record.  I’m talkin’ Bombay Doors, Walrus, Love Can Be Magic, Con El Sol, Whistling Dixie, and more!  YEAH!!!
  3. For some reason I never completed the upload of Juvenocracy’s Eat The Seed (1997).  That issue has now been corrected.
  4. I added an old 8-track demo of “What Is Up Let’s Get Down” from 1996, Gods of Rain And War, and of course Ebony Ivory.  I think these tracks were recorded in the old Juvenocracy lower-level apartment in Rogers Park, Chicago.  As a companion piece, check out Running On Wrong from the same 8-track tape.  In fact, you can listen to all 4 here.


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