You’ll never let me down. (Demo 4/30/2011)

This is a demo created for Firooz’s “Baby Noah” video project on 4/30/2011.

I woke up at 5 a.m. to Lisa watching the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Whatshername.  So, I went to the basement and began re-recording this from scratch, as I was not satisfied with the version created previously.  Firooz wanted it to include more fullness – i.e. piano/vox/keys/bass/etc.  The end of this mp3 cuts out, because it was not ready for production…

Woman Engineer

I originally crafted “Woman Engineer” circa 1996 at the behest of my dad who thought it would be cool to have a double-entendre song about an engineer who is a woman AND a man who builds/manipulates women.  Pretty funny concept!

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