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Updated on Jan. 3, 2020.

Today, after laying down the piano bells, we moved on to vocals and were surprised to discover this little, “High School” joke buried in there. We had the 2nd part ready but weren’t sure if or how we’d use it, but once we started singing “HIGH…HIGH…” it all came together!

The intro “High School!” chant was inspired naturally from that ending part and made the joke even dumber and better.

A lot of our jokes in this musical are measured on a scale from dumb-to-smart. The dumber the better! In fact, when we’ve discovered smart jokes, we promptly remove them entirely or replace them with dumb ones.

The reason the “High School!” chant is so dumb is because nobody in the history of the world has ever chanted that. Why on Earth would you chant that?! And that’s what makes it an awesome thing to chant! Also, we realized that the phrase “high school” carries tons of baggage – both good and bad – for everyone! When you hear “high school” you think of something, but that thing is guaranteed to be different from the images conjured by the person sitting across the table from you.

  • No bass track (c’mon Ryan!)
  • The bells are real. Jon has curated this amazing collection of piano bells, all tuned and in great shape. A sight to behold!
  • This track contains the scratch guitar track. Jon says the actual guitar part will be BIG!
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